Getting started in Vintage Sports Car Racing takes a bit of understanding of Vintage Sports Car Racing Rules and Vintage Sports Car Classes, both in choosing a suitable organization and appropriate racecar . There are many 'clubs' to race with...VCDA,VSCCA, VSCDA, CVAR, VRG, SVRA,VSCR, HSR, VARA, etc,  and finding one nearby is not difficult.

Although they have similarities in Vintage Sport Car Racing ,  period correctness and aggressiveness in driving, are the main differences between Vintage Sports Car Racing Organizations, as some allow modernized cars and replicas, others do not... and with some the racing is more important than the historic value of the cars, while in others aggressive driving is not tolerated.


Knowing the appropriate Vintage Sports Car Racing Rules and Car Classes is not your only consideration, but is highly important if you are buying , restoring , or preparing a Vintage Sports Car for Racing.




These are the Vintage Sports Car Racing Classes as established originally by the SCCA.  Many Vintage Sports Car Race Organizations use these Classes to establish their Sports Car grids for competition,.  Some use these to establish their own specific designations.  ALWAYS  check with the organization you intend to race with to determine their application for your Vintage Sports Car




For 1954 and 1959 Vintage Rules for Competion Race Car Preparation




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